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Classroom Projects

Project                                                   Description                                                                             Author(s)

40 Questions to Ask an Object                A primer to conducting a design analysis                                 Brockett Horne             

                                                             (object-based observational research project)                          Gayle Goudy

                                                                                                                                                          Matthew Bird

The Pattern Project                                  Object-based research to help students develop a                    Sara D. Reed

                                                             methodology for evaluating an object or space and                 Emily Smith

                                                             gain a greater appreciation for the complexity of objects 

                                                             that often serve as surface decoration.

Graphic Design History Worksheet          Spreadsheet to get students actively summarizing                     Kathleen Kaiser

                                                             major themes and key figures introduced in class

                                                             and get them considering overlooked or

                                                             under-represented voices.